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  • Do you take health insurance?
    We accept most HSA/FSA cards for payment. We do not work directly with commercial insurances, but can provide a bill at the time of service. Most insurances will reimburse its members. We do not and can not guarantee reimbursement by your insurance for any of our services we provide.
  • What kind of hormones do you prescribe?
    We work with many compounding pharmacies to provide several different types of estrogen, as well as progesterone and testosterone. We offer creams, pills and patches, and when needed, injections.
  • What kind of medications do you prescribe for weight loss?
    We work with many compounding pharmacies to offer medications, including peptides, low dose naltrexone, phentermine and semaglutide,
  • How do I know your services will be right for me?
    We offer a complimentary telephone conversation to all our potential patients. That way we can ensure we are the right fit for you and will be able to provide the services you are needing.
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